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Yolanda Sacrist (Spain), Kirstie Clements (Australia), Anaita Adajania (India), Christiane Arp (Germany), Angelica Cheung (China), Franca Sozzani (Italy), Mitsuko Watanabe (Japan), Anna Wintour (America), Emmanuelle Alt (France), Alexandra Shulman (Britain), Victoria Davydova (Russia), Anna Harvey (Hellas- Brazil and Greece), Seda Domani (Turkey), Myung Hee Lee (Korea), Rosalie Huang (Taiwan), Eva Hughes (Mexico and Latin America), Paula Mateus (Portugal).

Posted on November/7/2011
Tagged as: vogue editors, vogue, posh, fashion, international,

  1. greysquared posted this

I am the happiest I have been in a very long time, not because life is devoid of pain or problems, but because I know. I know what I want, I know why. And when there is clarity, the forces that hold so many down begin to work for you. What’s first stays first, and everything else falls into place.

God. Truth. Family. Purpose

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